who are we

Dal Bosco is a family farm from Cadelbosco Sopra, 10 km from Reggio Emilia. Dal Bosco farm is in reggiana plain of cereal fields, grass and vineyards.
Products of the farm are fruits and vegetables, for example, peaches, plums, apples, strawberries and a little more.We value sowing by hand, cultivation by hand and picking by hand, following the tradition of reggiana culture.

The farm sells its products at peasant markets, local fairs and here at the farm on request. Many people have need to discover nature again to recover from a health alimentation.

Each Saturday you can find us in Fontanesi place, and each Wednesday in Mons Saccani way at Cadelbosco Sopra, with our market. These are moments to grow, share and and better our products and respect our surroundings.Our farm participates in the international association, WWOOF (Willing Workers 0n Organic Farm). With WWOOF our farm can periodically host peoples from all over the world to live and participate at our farm.


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